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Adjustable Sport Hoops

Adjustable Sport Hoops

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The all-in-one workout to help you burn calories from home.

This Adjustable Sport Hoop is perfect for everyday use! It is adjustable in size and weight, allowing for a range of exercises and fitness levels. This makes it ideal for beginners and experienced users alike. Plus, it helps improve core and back strength as well as flexibility.

Swing inches away: Attach the weight to the belt and swing away calories and inches, sculpting your body with the resistance.

Minimum effort, maximum results: Watch TV or listen to music while enjoying this effective workout that can be done anywhere!

Easy set-up: Attach the weight to the track and join over 100'000 satisfied customers on their journey!

Track your Progress: Track your Progress with how many Links you remove! 1 Link=2 inches

Adjustable size: Add or remove links to match your size


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