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Migraine Relief Hat

Migraine Relief Hat

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Say goodbye to pesky headaches and puffiness in the face and say hello to a brand new you! 

The Migraine Relief Hat utilises hot and cold therapy to help relieve migraine pain. The hat helps reduce the inflammation that causes pain and works for hours so you can keep living your life. The hat is designed to provide maximum relief and comfort.


EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF: Migraine ice head wrap effectively relieves headaches, migraines, tension headaches, sinus, insomnia, neck pain, ear pain, and puffy eyes through instant cold compress and precise cold therapy, making it the best stress relief gift for women, men, and kids!

SOFT AND COMFORT: The migraine relief cap consists of expert cooling gel and smooth Lycra fabric, which are odorless. It remains flexible even after being frozen at 0°F(-18℃). This headache relief cap is soft and skin-friendly and provides a cool comfortable relaxation.

COLD THERAPY: Just put this ice hat in the fridge for 1-2 hours, and it's ready for cold therapy when migraines come. The icy cold sensation lasts for 15-20 minutes. You can freely adjust the refrigeration time according to your needs to get the cold feeling you want.

PERFECT FIT: Unique design provides 360° soothing compression. The migraine cap is made of highly elastic lycra and stretchable gel that covers almost the entire head from front to back. Fit all different head shapes and applies just the right amount of pressure to relax.

QUICK SLEEP: The headache hats for migraine cover your head and eyes, helping to completely block out the light. The migraine hat creates a quiet, cool, dark environment through proper compression and long-lasting cooling, providing quick pain relief and easy sleep.

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